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Cabaldana Alchemy

Cabaldana Alchemy is an independent Los Angeles-based film production company founded by Luis Antonio Aldana and Miguel Angel Caballero. The company’s mission is to write and produce material that charts, amplifies, and examines diverse Latine experiences in the U.S., focusing on Chicano, Queer, character-driven, emotionally engaging content. 

The Team

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(writer, director, producer)


(writer, actor, producer)

Miguel Angel Caballero, along with Luis Antonio Aldana, form an award-winning filmmaking duo driven by their shared early passion for storytelling.  Though Miguel’s English was limited, he enjoyed making up storylines in real time as he interpreted reruns of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ for his grandma. Meanwhile, Luis’ imagination was ignited by the photography books, novels, and comic book collections he’d sneak peeks at in the fancy homes he’d help his mom clean.  Much later, their paths crossed at UCLA, and they found they shared backgrounds as working-class, queer Mexican immigrants. This common ground allowed them to tap into a deep creative well as collaborators that continues today. Their latest Oscar® qualified sci-fi short, THE BALLAD OF TITA AND THE MACHINES, executive produced by Lena Waithe, was written by the duo and directed by Miguel to critical acclaim.  It premiered at the Tribeca Festival in 2023, screened at TIFF (Rising Voices), won the Audience Award at Outfest, and is now being developed into a feature film.  Additionally, their feature script, ANGEL IN RETROGRADE, earned a finalist spot for Untold Stories at the Tribeca Festival in 2023.  They are both winners of the Humanitas New Voices Fellowship 2023 and were named by the International Screenwriters Association (ISA) as two of the top 25 screenwriters to watch in 2024, cementing their status as influential voices in the industry.

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