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Broken Sunflower Hearts Makes 10 BEST Films of 2018 List

December 2018

​Actor-turned-director Miguel Angel Caballero’s Broken Sunflower Hearts is that rare LGBTQ film. Despite opening with a quick montage of disastrous Tinder dates, the story of its protagonist Anthony (Luis Aldana) isn’t about finding a guy. Once this naturalistic domestic drama shows us that Anthony has a daughter and we see his ex (Matias Ponce) show up unexpectedly at their home, it’s clear this tenderhearted story is more interested in the fallout from their breakup. The touching scenes between them that follow, shot in loving close-ups that highlight just what a close-knit family they once were, turn the melancholy mood of the short into the feeling of a wistful embrace.

Broken Sunflower Hearts to Screen At Sedona International Film Festival

& San Diego Latino Film Festival

Broken Sunflower Hearts has been officially selected to screen at the Sedona International Film Festival and at the San Diego Latino Film Festival this coming February and March.

Shooting for "Acuitzeramo" Begins

​Shooting for "Acuitzeramo" began in January on location in the town of Acuitzeramo, Michoacan in Mexico.  The film stars actors Sal Lopez, Luis Aldana and Matias Ponce. and is about an elderly man who looses his partner of 15 years.   It is written and directed by Miguel Angel Caballero.  

Broken Sunflower Hearts premieres at OUTFEST

Broken Sunflower Hearts had its premiere at the Directors Guild of America as part of at Outfest 2018!  The film stars Luis Aldana, Matias Ponce and Luna Camarena.  It's written and directed by Miguel Angel Caballero.  

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